Schlake's Quotes File


Do we want to open the farting door?

quote number 1665

This is NOT a musty crotch that's been cummed in everyday this week.

quote number 1664

I mean you had all of them in your mouth, so....

quote number 1663

I've got one between my legs.

quote number 1662

There's only so many times that you can pee on her face, then you've got to keep the spark alive.

quote number 1661

I'm. Not. Going. To. Let. You. Be Eaten. Not to death

quote number 1660

I think we ought to go to the pleasure dome.

quote number 1659

Wait, there is a big difference between groped and worshiped.

quote number 1658

Karlee I got inside Yo Mama's.

quote number 1657

Well, I guess I'll join the sulfur party.

quote number 1656

"Fine, I'll rub myself with sulfur, but if this is some kind of elaborate prank or weird sexual thing..."

quote number 1655

I'm angry and I'm just whipping it out.

quote number 1654

One time I got the nose wrong on the doll I made and the wrong guy's penis got cut off.

quote number 1653

I feel like the anal-probe is much better compared to the ball gagger.

quote number 1652

What's a ball gag?

quote number 1651

"Yes let's please keep the number of comments about killing people to zero, that would be great, thanks!"

quote number 1650

Do I manage to touch one of the pigs?

quote number 1649

Ok he can be a goat, but I'm not milking him.

quote number 1648

That's the problem with circles.

quote number 1647

I'm a man.

quote number 1646

What? You've never seen my battleskunk before?

quote number 1645

That's for sure! Sticks to a lot of places!

quote number 1644

I mean in principle I don't have to ride you.

quote number 1643

More people have walked on the moon than created D&D.

quote number 1642

There's a big difference between my mixer and your penis.

quote number 1641

Dicks kind of pop out everywhere.

quote number 1640

No, my butt is a connector for something else.

quote number 1639

I'm just going to sit here with my corpse and pout.

quote number 1638

Alright, we have two votes for children.

quote number 1637

No! My corpse! Mine!

quote number 1636

That's my corpse, you can't have it!

quote number 1635

No, just rent to...we'll see what happens.

quote number 1634

It helped to have the distraction of a dead comrade.

quote number 1633

The dot product of that thing with the x-axis would be a circle.

quote number 1632

I'm gonna be an expensive stripper, though.

quote number 1631

You puts the lotion on the head.

quote number 1630

Is there anything we can do for you? Like stripping?

quote number 1629

Because, so I can take my pants off.

quote number 1628

I'm trying to get the hot teachers to notice me.

quote number 1627

You could always ask her to squeal like a pig, just before you give it to her.

quote number 1626

Why is this theater on fire? Was my performance that awful?

quote number 1625

See? We have dignity!

It's not that, I promise.

quote number 1624

And that's why I always say: reading is bad!

quote number 1623

I'm like a waterfall of snot.

quote number 1622

That's a heck of an orgy. That's quite the orgy.

quote number 1621

The motto of this party should be "I need an adult."

quote number 1620

I'm just going to let it happen. Why bother resisting?

quote number 1619

I don't need help bathing.

quote number 1618

My god, those are some scantily clad orcs.

quote number 1617

A casserole and a stiff drink do sound good.

quote number 1616