Pictures Of Schlake

A photo of me taken by Miram Patricia Duncan on May 4th, 2007.

A photo of me in the Turkey Creek Hot Springs on the occassion of my 46th birthday.

"Get off my lawn!" taken March 29, 2015, by a coworker.

An October 23, 2014 picture of me photographing the eclipse while wearing a hat.

A polaroid of me cooking spaghetti.

A polaroid of me getting into the electric car during the gas crises.

These two I stole from Facebook. Charlene McBride took them in 1990 at the Spring Fling raft race. Rafts were carried overland because water is too dangerous.

Those are my feet.

Schlake in 1999 with a ferrari.

A young me.

Third birthday.

Fifth birthday.

I'm in a box!



Chocolate bar!

Me, naked!

And, lastly, a picture of my tiny and misused penis.