Schlake's Life

2021-02-10 07:52:31

Three bok choy, four cilantro, and a "mushroom" which is probably a cilantro with the seed still stuck onto it.

2021-02-09 16:05:54

I checked my plants again, and this afternoon I have a cilantro. But even better, when I was reviewing the pictures of the cilatro I spotted a second one just barely emerging from the ground in the background. So I have two cilatro!

2021-02-09 10:57:12

I preordered starlink. I paid $99 today, and they want another $500ish when I get it.

2021-02-09 09:48:04

Also, I should mention, I'm following Hampton's Hybrid Calesthenics right now because I've become to weak and inflexible to restart the Stronglifts 5x5. Yesterday was the first day. I'm doing the five days a week plan, starting from the very bottom.

2021-02-09 09:46:54

Still just two bok choy. No other movement. I think I gave the cilantro, the bok choy, and the jade some water yesterday, 1 cup each.

2021-02-05 09:38:24

I put a jade plant into a pot today. I gave it a cup of water, and I gave the bok choy and the cilantro a cup of water each. The rosemary looked moist, so I left it alone.

Two more boxes are apparently inbound, but the family contact UPS to try and divert them. I'm enquiring now if she is missing two boxes of brownie mix.

2021-02-04 12:21:34

Facebook knew who they went to, and where they lived. I have divested myself of them.

2021-02-04 11:57:27

Hi! It's Amazon's messaging assistant again. So, what can I help you with? 3:44 PM A box showed up by my door today with my address but someone else's name on it. What should I do with it? 3:45 PM Messaging Assistant | Customer Service Let's see. Could you select the item you're looking for from your recent orders below? 3:45 PM Item not on list 3:46 PM Messaging Assistant | Customer Service I’m sorry to hear that. Are you looking for a Prime Video, Music, Kindle Book or other digital order? 3:46 PM No 3:46 PM Messaging Assistant | Customer Service Are you trying to return an item received as a gift? 3:46 PM No 3:46 PM Messaging Assistant | Customer Service Do you want to get help from an associate? 3:46 PM Ask an associate 3:46 PM Messaging Assistant | Customer Service Ok, would you like to connect with an associate for help? 3:46 PM Yes, get help through chat 3:46 PM Messaging Assistant | Customer Service If you have details you think would help the associate, type them here. An associate will join the chat. 3:46 PM N Nashit has joined & will be ready to chat in just a minute. 1ZY080R70308663715 is the tracking number 3:46 PM Nashit | Customer Service Hi William D. Colburn, Nashit here, I'm here to help you with your order. N 3:46 PM I haven't opened it So what do I do with it? 3:49 PM Nashit | Customer Service Just a moment let me check please. You received this where William ? N 3:52 PM It showed up at my house, UPS left it by my door. 3:52 PM Nashit | Customer Service Okay you can keep it or donate it. Is there anything else I can assist you with today? N 3:52 PM Um, I guess not. 3:52 PM Nashit | Customer Service It was a pleasure to assist you with this. N 3:52 PM What about the woman who ordered it and put the wrong address in? 3:52 PM Nashit | Customer Service No worries we will help her with replacement . Is there anything else I can assist you with today? N 3:53 PM Um, ok. Thanks 3:53 PM Nashit | Customer Service Thanks for letting me help you. Have a nice day ! Stay safe and Take care :")​ N 3:53 PM Nashit has left. Thanks for contacting Amazon! Messaging Assistant | Customer Service Hi! It's Amazon's messaging assistant again. So, what can I help you with? 11:51 AM More packages I didn't order showed up. 11:51 AM Messaging Assistant | Customer Service Let's see. Could you select the item you're looking for from your recent orders below? 11:51 AM Item not on list 11:51 AM Messaging Assistant | Customer Service I’m sorry to hear that. Are you looking for a Prime Video, Music, Kindle Book or other digital order? 11:51 AM No 11:51 AM Messaging Assistant | Customer Service Are you trying to return an item received as a gift? 11:51 AM No 11:51 AM Messaging Assistant | Customer Service Do you want to get help from an associate? 11:51 AM Ask an associate 11:51 AM Messaging Assistant | Customer Service Ok, would you like to connect with an associate for help? 11:51 AM Yes, get help through chat 11:51 AM Messaging Assistant | Customer Service If you have details you think would help the associate, type them here. An associate will join the chat. 11:52 AM L Laura has joined & will be ready to chat in just a minute. Laura | Customer Service Hi this is Laura from Amazon, I will assist you with your inquiry. In order to assist you better, could you please elaborate the issue for me? L 11:52 AM 1Z3Y136E036652 6645 is one package I'm getting packages addressed to a woman I don't know at my house, from you. Nancy Jaramillo is her name. The second package that arrived today I took a blurry picture, I can't read the tracking number. 11:53 AM Laura | Customer Service Oh, thank you for the information William. Please allow me a moment so I can review this my system. L 11:54 AM 1Z62Y7Y80307261781 is the other These two boxes are labelled as mostly containing food. 11:55 AM Laura | Customer Service Perfect! thank you for this information. I'm checking in my system how we can fix this.

William In this case we report this to the area in charge to prevent it from happening! We sincerely apologize for all these inconveniences. However, you can keep the packages you received. L 12:01 PM For the last box I was told to just keep it? Ok, yea. Um. I don't really want this, whatever it is. 12:01 PM Laura | Customer Service Yes, it is correct. I Understand William! No problem. Is there anything else I can do for you? L 12:02 PM No, that's it, thanks. 12:02 PM Laura | Customer Service Oh, perfect. Always keep safe! Thanks for the time chatting with us and you may have a great day. L 12:02 PM

2021-02-04 11:56:39

Today two large boxes lablled as containing food arrived at my house. Both for Nancy Jaramillo.

2021-02-03 13:32:19

Earlier this morning I had only a single bok choy. This afternoon, I have two bok choy.

2021-02-03 12:52:56

Today's surprise package is a box of toilet paper for Nancy Jaramillo at my street address. Not really sure who that is.

2021-02-02 11:43:48

I appear to have a bok choy growing. It's very small. I gave the cilantro and the bok choy one cup of water each, and the rosemary the rest of the water, a little over 4 cups.

2021-01-30 10:46:25

I put 2 cups of water into the cilantro an bok choy, and 3 cups of water into the rosemary.

2021-01-26 14:02:20

LIFE! I have a rosemary growing, as well as cilantro and bok choy planted. This is old news from Sunday that I forgot to update about. I gave the rosemary two cups of water when I transplanted it (from Wal*Mart to my house and from it's plastic container to my terra cotta container), and the seeds 1 cup of water each when I planted them. I gave them all the same amount of water today, because the soil looked a bit dry. My last rosemary died mysteriously. It had been thriving for years, then one day, it just died for no apparent reason. And it was literaly as sudden as "one day". I still have two small terrra cotta planters that I could put more into, but I thought that I will wait and see what happens here.

2021-01-22 08:26:32

I bought a new trash can for my kitchen because I had been living with the pain of having a cheap plastic trash can for decades. I should have done this much sooner. I should never have bought a cheap plastic trash can at Wal*Mart in the first place. It was strangely satisfying to simply throw my entire trash can into the blue bin outside instead of transferring the bag of trash out of it.

2021-01-20 19:04:35

There are not many people who might have sent me brownies. One person I asked said someone had recently shipped them brownies from Sam's Club.

2021-01-20 14:28:45

Today's burning question is how did two boxies of brownies come from Wal*Mart to me via FedEx.

2021-01-19 15:56:39

In good news though, my multimeter arrived today, and with that I was able to easily diagnose what is wrong with my water heater. Now comes the hard part of acquiring a part to fix it. I'm not sure if the plumber will call me back before or after I can find a reputable place online to buy the part I need.

2021-01-19 07:19:59

Added some more newlines so that cut and paste looks readable.

2021-01-19 07:13:55

This morning, about 6:36, my amazon account became subscribed to amazon music unlimited. I have no idea how this happened. Amazon's customer service chatwindow wasn't exactly helpful.


Messaging Assistant | Customer Service

Hi! It's Amazon's messaging assistant again.

So, what can I help you with?

6:43 AM

I just got a legitimate looking message in my email that my free trial of amazon music has just started, and that I will be charged $7.99 per month after it expires. I did not sign up for this service.

6:43 AM

Messaging Assistant | Customer Service

I can take you to the Music Unlimited page to manage/cancel your membership or edit payment settings

6:44 AM

Not right now

6:44 AM

Messaging Assistant | Customer Service

Is there anything else I can help you with?

6:44 AM

Yes, I have a different question

6:44 AM

Messaging Assistant | Customer Service

So, what can I help you with?

6:44 AM

I just got a legitimate looking message in my email that my free trial of amazon music has just started, and that I will be charged $7.99 per month after it expires. I did not sign up for this service.

6:44 AM

Messaging Assistant | Customer Service

I can take you to the Music Unlimited page to manage/cancel your membership or edit payment settings

6:44 AM

Not right now

6:44 AM

Messaging Assistant | Customer Service

Is there anything else I can help you with?

6:44 AM

Yes, I have a different question

6:44 AM

Messaging Assistant | Customer Service

So, what can I help you with?

6:44 AM

Managing my payment, Prime, or account

6:44 AM

Messaging Assistant | Customer Service

Sure, let me know which of these things you need help with.

6:44 AM

Question about a strange email

6:44 AM

Messaging Assistant | Customer Service

Sure, let me know which of these you need help with.

6:44 AM

Is this email really from Amazon?

6:44 AM

Messaging Assistant | Customer Service

Let's find out. I'm going to ask you some questions to help figure out if this email is from Amazon.

Did you receive an order confirmation for an item you didn't purchase?

6:44 AM


6:44 AM

Messaging Assistant | Customer Service

Ok, this doesn't sound like it's from Amazon. Don't click any links in the email or download any attachments.

Please send the email to so that we can look into it.

And thanks for helping us keep customers like you safe.

Is there anything else I can help with?

6:44 AM

Yes, I have questions about something else

6:45 AM

Messaging Assistant | Customer Service

So, what can I help you with?

6:45 AM

I need help.

6:45 AM

Messaging Assistant | Customer Service

Ok, would you like to connect with an associate for help?

6:45 AM

Yes, get help through chat

6:45 AM

Messaging Assistant | Customer Service

If you have details you think would help the associate, type them here.

An associate will join the chat.

6:45 AM


Suvarna has joined & will be ready to chat in just a minute.

I just got a legitimate looking message in my email that my free trial of amazon music has just started, and that I will be charged $7.99 per month after it expires. I did not sign up for this service.

6:45 AM

Suvarna | Customer Service

Hello, my name is Suvarna. I'm here to help you today.

Let me check this for you.

Thanks for waiting.

I have checked the details and see that Amazon Music Unlimited subscription on your account.

If you wish I can cancel the subscription for you.

S6:49 AM

I never started a subscription, so yes. How did it happen?

6:49 AM

Suvarna | Customer Service

Let me check this for you.

Thanks for waiting.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Subscription has been cancelled successfully.

S6:52 AM

How did it happen though? I don't have any suspicious log in attempts to my account based on your two-step verification emails.

6:54 AM

Suvarna | Customer Service

It might be because of 1-Click ordering is activated on your computer.

S6:55 AM

I don't believe I have ever activated 1 click ordering.

Oh, wait, "buy now", that?

Except I haven't bought any music in years I think.

6:55 AM

Suvarna | Customer Service

I understand your concern.

Your 1-Click settings will automatically save after each change. You can turn 1-Click ordering on or off.

To turn off your 1-Click, click the Turn off everywhere button on the right-hand side of the screen.

S6:57 AM

Under "Your Payments" and "Settings" it tells me that 1-click is disabled for this browser. How do I tell if I have it enabled somwhere?

I don't think I've ever enabled it, and it doesn't appear to be tied to the "buy now" button since I have that button on this browser.

I just checked my laptop, 1-click is not enabled in that browser either.

7:00 AM

Suvarna | Customer Service

It is automatically save after each change.

I have cancelled your subscription.

S7:01 AM

I want to understand how the subscription was created though.

I don't think I've ever had 1-click enabled on any browser.

I haven't gotten any notifications of account access that weren't me.

7:02 AM

Suvarna | Customer Service

A member of our team will need to help you with this. Could you please hold while I transfer you to our concerned team who’d help you better?

S7:02 AM

Yes, thank you.

7:02 AM


Pavithra has joined & will be ready to chat in just a minute.

Pavithra | Customer Service

Hello, my name is Pavithra. Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.

Do you want to cancel amazon music ?

P7:05 AM

I want to know how I became subscribed to amazon music.

I didn't do that.

I don't have any emails from amazon about account access that weren't me.

I don't have 1-click enabled on any of the browsers that I use.

7:05 AM

Pavithra | Customer Service

You may accidentally tried unlimited tracks instead of prime

P7:06 AM

I don't listen to music.

I wasn't doing anything on amazon when the email came in.

7:06 AM

Pavithra | Customer Service

I have cancelled it for you

Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

P7:09 AM

I want to know how I became subscribed to the music?

This is worrying me.

7:10 AM

Pavithra | Customer Service

You may accidentally clicked unlimited tracks instead of prime

P7:10 AM

I shouldn't have strange things being ordered.

7:10 AM

Pavithra | Customer Service

Don't worry

It won't happen again

P7:10 AM

I DID NOT. I do not listen to music, and I was not on amazon when the email came in.

I had just taken a shower and was away from the computer.

7:10 AM

Pavithra | Customer Service

Order Placed: Tuesday, January 19, 2021 5:36 AM (PST)

P7:12 AM

I didn't do that.

That is my problem here.

7:12 AM

Pavithra | Customer Service

Can you please check with your family members

P7:12 AM

I have no famioly.


GAH. I have no family.

7:12 AM

Pavithra | Customer Service

To help you with this, I've forwarded this over to our account specialist team so they can take a look into this for you. You can expect to hear back from them via e-mail within 24-48 hours.

P7:12 AM

Um, alright.

7:13 AM

Pavithra | Customer Service

Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

P7:13 AM

No, I'll wait to hear from someone. Thanks.

7:13 AM

Pavithra | Customer Service

You're welcome:)

Thanks for contacting Amazon! Have a Nice day! bye.

Stay Home! Stay Healthy!

P7:14 AM


2021-01-07 13:12:03

I think I'll skip keeping track of spending, it isn't useful or interesting.

2021-01-07 11:57:01

I spent $31.04 and $38.20 and $18.91 on new bowls.

2021-01-07 10:27:14

I spent $18.91 on some olives.

2021-01-07 09:53:04

I spent $16.87 on some extra short usb-cables.

2021-01-07 08:20:54

My credit card sits at a balance of $0.00.

I spent $20.97 on a pair of maps. I spent a further $24.06 on a pair of maps.

2021-01-06 14:10:19

I spent $12.94 because I don't know where my pica pole is!

2021-01-06 07:55:21

I spent $31.53 on a card reader, because I'm mostly usb-c now.

2021-01-06 07:01:15

I changed my mind, and swapped my order for a $178.66 knife that is much better.

2021-01-06 06:36:24

I just broke my favorite kitchen knife, so I spent $157.63 to replace it with something better.

2021-01-05 17:53:32

I spent $28.28 on maps.

2021-01-05 17:00:12

I spent $13.64 at Wal*Mart for a pair of salads tomorrow, and $9.62 for eggs and meat so I can make eggs and a curry tomorrow.

2021-01-05 15:40:45

I spent $113.22 on bowls.

2021-01-05 07:52:43

I spent $120.55 on some books I'd had lingering in my amazon cart for far too long. I cancelled an order I decided I didn't want as well, so this is sort of like spending less than $100.

2021-01-04 11:24:23

I spent $17.53 on a history book.

2021-01-04 09:29:35

I spent $35.21 on a map.

2021-01-03 18:25:20

I spent $26.27 on a gel pen.

2021-01-03 15:30:31

I spent $48.90 on a website subscription.

2021-01-02 16:57:46

I spent $77.03 on a book series I've been collection. It was apparently released back in November and I didn't notice!

2021-01-02 11:57:07

I spent $13.66 on some paper and envelopes.

2021-01-02 11:44:24

I spent $10.18 at Wal*Mart and $2.61 at Supermart on salad fixings.

2021-01-01 21:11:10

And I spent #32.57 on some how-to books to better myself as a person.

2021-01-01 18:16:27

And foolisihly, I spent $49.36 on a nice ink pen to write with.

2021-01-01 17:48:13

I spent $36.78 on a bigger box to hold some things.

2021-01-01 13:10:32

I spent $36.79 on an a history book.

2021-01-01 08:15:44

Jan 1 2021 ELECTRONIC DEPOSIT IRS TREAS 310 XXTAXEIP2 010421 + $600.00

2020-12-31 20:27:53

I spent $54.86 on sausage.

2020-12-31 13:07:10

Oh, and amazon spent $19.96 on dishwasher detergent for the main wash, and $40.94 on cat food for my cats, both via auto-renewal.

2020-12-31 13:06:10

I spent $22.68 on detergent for my dishwasher prewash.

2020-12-30 21:52:19

I forgot, but yesterday I spent $22.49 on salad fixings and the biggest bag of epsom salts I could find.

2020-12-29 08:15:21

I spent $23.78 on another book by the same author I had missed putting into my cart.

2020-12-29 08:13:23

I spent $77.82 on some books, to inspire me to eat better, and on an egg seperator, because I'm dumb.

2020-12-27 19:35:05

I spent $21.00 on olive oil.

2020-12-25 15:22:14

I spent $16.56 on a brace for my left wrist. I pulled it bad on the olypmic bar, and it hurts.

2020-12-24 18:31:20

I spent $40.58 sometime next year for a cookbook. I'm tempted to buy that piece of cast iron now, as it won't likely ship until sometime in February.

2020-12-24 15:36:46

I spent $224.95 on a special cast iron pan that was on sale. I have one other I want to buy, from Japan, but I'll wait on it.

2020-12-24 12:39:56

I spent $13.88 on pork, a white onion, and some red chile, to make posole with today that I will eat tomorrow.

2020-12-23 22:01:35

I spent $33.87 on a book about food, and a three pack fo letter openers.

2020-12-23 20:14:20

I owe my credit card company $437.14. After using my credit card extensively to buy things I could not afford early in the year I was supposed to have paid it all back by this point in the year. I have failed. But I failed only because I've stuck to my credit card repayment budget, and haven't dipped into other spending categories. So I can count that as a win! One fail, and one win means I did nothing. On the other hand, I charged just shy of $40k to my credit card this calendar year.

2020-12-22 15:30:17

I went shopping again. I spent $59.38 at Wal*Mart on steak and salad, plus some sausage, and then I spent $4.62 at Supermart on an onion, an apple, and some red chile. I'll go buy more red chile, and some pork, in two days, for pozole on the 25th of this month.

2020-12-21 06:19:37

I spent $15.72 on black eyed peas, the food.

2020-12-21 00:37:50

I sent $29.38 on garbanzo beans and green split peas.

2020-12-20 23:06:20

I spent $59.72 on canning lids, because the 148 cheap lids I bought on amazon were abject failures at being functioning lids and probably ruined over half the jars they were put on.

2020-12-20 16:49:47

I spent 27.92 on canning equipment, because I lacked said equipment.

2020-12-20 14:22:16

I spent $65.99 on pulleys and handles.

2020-12-19 10:50:40

Yesterday, I spent: $3.58 at Supermart on eggs; $71.26 at Wal*Mart for food, jars, muscle balm; and $35.74 at Supermart on salmon and chicken wings.

Today the inside of my house smells like roasted camel. The smell of camel gets more and more unpleasant the longer it lingers.

2020-12-17 18:32:58

I spent $22.59 on a book titled Perilous Bounty: The Looming Collapse of American Farming and How We Can Prevent It.

2020-12-17 10:02:50

I spent $10.27 on envelopes.

2020-12-15 16:25:22

I spent $66.22 on a charger for my laptop.

2020-12-14 10:43:38

I spent $26.23 on another history book.

2020-12-14 00:11:35

And $56.83 on more related hisrtory books. I need to read more to catch up though.

2020-12-14 00:01:48

I spent $65.68 on a couple of history books.

2020-12-13 22:41:53

I spent $21.01 on the smallest slow cooker I could find, because many people online gave warnings that pressure cooking the beans I bought is fast, but not as good as using a slow cooker.

2020-12-13 22:28:00

I spent $23.10 on some beans.

2020-12-13 17:24:07

I spent $105.11 on yet another try to purchase a cast iron enameled dutch oven. I'll give it a month to possible arrive.

2020-12-13 16:38:19

I spent $21.03 on camel fat.

2020-12-11 14:18:01

I spent $32.88 on "salad" to eat. There is a shortage of fresh vegetables at Wal*Mart, at least of vegetables that are worth buying.

2020-12-11 10:27:33

I spent $18.30 on a used book I need.

2020-12-11 08:08:15

I sopent $48.56 on straw mushrooms. I love straw mushrooms.

2020-12-10 13:02:44

I spent $22.72 on roughly 5 pounds of pork ($19.83) and one tub of hot red chile ($2.89).

2020-12-10 03:40:15

I spent $26.60 in kidney beans and $24.17 ona must-have blu ray disc.

2020-12-06 21:35:51

And $34.68 on a small space heater.

2020-12-06 21:07:17

Now new, old, I still never noticed.

2020-12-06 21:00:55

Madhur Jaffrey has a new cookbook out I never noticed. I spent $46.26 on it.

2020-12-06 18:34:15

I spent $37.72 on baby corn.

2020-12-05 14:01:20

While on the way to the store to buy Gatorade, I saw a truck flying a "Fuck Biden" flag out of the bed. I didn't get a picture of it.

2020-12-05 14:00:28

I spent $6.60 on Gatorade.

2020-12-04 16:48:37

$10.22 on a cheap plastic watering can and a bag of small rocks.

2020-12-03 13:20:02

My first ever, that I can remember, chicken broth made from a roasted chicken is almost ready.

2020-12-03 09:01:40

I spent $10.46 on yet another try at finding a quality plastic-free pepper mill.

2020-12-03 08:21:07

It was cold this morning.

2020-12-03 07:12:26

I spent $12.77 on a USDA Organic chicken.

2020-12-02 14:13:31

And in a moment of weakness, I spent $35.48 on a Madhur Jaffrey cookbook I didn't own. I'm sure this was an essential purchase.

2020-12-02 09:53:30

I need to do better at money, so for December I've decided to track it carefully.

I just ordered $19.92 + $6.31 of salt and iodine supplements from Amazon because I'm definitely feeling the lethargy that comes from being sodium deficient.

2020-11-29 23:44:00

Also, property taxes are due Tuesday. For once in my life I was proactive, and paid them early!

2020-11-29 23:42:45

In 2022 I need to remember to make bacon bread.

2020-11-29 15:30:39

I now know someone hospitalized for COVID.

2020-11-26 12:47:58

I somehow gained a pound of weight. INCONCEIVABLE!

A little less than 5.5 pound sof chicken (whole + wings) are in a pressure cooker with 2 pounds of carrots. We shall see how this turns out.

I pressure canned my turkey broth for future use. It's harder to sip than chicken broth, but great for cooking.

2020-11-23 13:34:47

I appear to have sent seven letters.

I made turkey broth. I've made lots of turkey broth in the past, but never as a sipping broth. It's a vastly different broth than chicken or beef.

2020-11-22 13:20:13

I'm not sure I mentioned, I probably didn't actually, that on Sunday a week ago I made 2 gallons of chicken broth. The following day I dropped my laptop into the chicken broth. The laptop is no more.

That was also the broth where I had pressure cooker problems. All my failed attempts at making it rendered a nigh inedible broth. I dumped it out.

Right now I'm pan frying half a turkey, to get some color on it. I was going to fry it in turkey fat, because I knew I had some, but when I pulled it out of the freezer it was dated 2013. It was very rancid.

2020-11-18 17:57:34

I finally got my $97.25 laser printer to work. It turns out that CUPS was naming the previous filter befor the filter that failed as the filter that failed. Which is why I could never figure out why it was failing.

I went to the post office. I saw 11 people without masks suring a 2 week lockdown when masks are mandatory to leave your residence.

I have written three letters this week. Something I hadn't done in a while.

2020-11-16 14:50:44

I has writed a letter.

2020-11-15 16:24:42

I'm not allowed to join Parler.

2020-11-15 14:19:11

I went on a 9km bike ride.

2020-11-14 21:50:48


2020-11-11 20:12:20

2020-11-11 13:55:05

Another bike ride. The odometer says I went 8km, but wheeling the bicycle off my porch to the street rolled it over a km, so it could really be 7km.

Not nearly as tired as last time.

2020-11-10 16:56:05

My left arm is finally seeming to recover from having pulled it. But now it is weak. I can barely lift 20 pounds over my head with it.

2020-11-10 13:44:49

My 20 pounds of USDA Organic wings should arrive tomorrow.

2020-11-10 13:12:13

CITI card is telling me my FICO score.

Currently 652 (in October), and previous 649, 649, 664, 664, and 664 (back to May). Quite a bit lower than it used to be. Probably because T-Mobile refused to cancel my account and I had to pay $25 to put a stop payment on them, and because Socorro General Hospital hasn't responded to my complaints for last year, my previous three surgeries on my leg, nor the surgery before that on my testicle, so I'm deferring payment to them until they do.

2020-11-10 10:17:06

I meant to edit the food page, not this one. Sorry.

2020-11-09 12:42:41

I found two more pictures to purge. It's been so long since I had to purge any pictures that my python script to do all the work is no longer compatable with the version of python and the deprecation of the exif library. I had to do all the work by hand!

2020-11-08 17:27:25

I played The Secret World Legends today. Not quite sure I want to resubscribe.

I almost pooped. More of a wet fart on the toilet.

2020-11-07 10:54:37

While out on a bicycle ride, I saw a woman pushing a baby stroller who was screaming at parked and unoccupied cars if they had out of state license plates.

The bicycle ride itself was hard. My neck hurts from looking up. I'm exhausted. I had to take frequent rest stops towards the end. I again only rode 5km.

2020-11-06 14:54:33

I went on a 5km bicycle ride today. In the past two years (starting yesterday) I've ridden a total of 90km. On a per day basis (5km/day today versus roughly 0km/day for two years) I'm showing a huge improvement.

2020-11-06 06:51:48

I order a lot of things from amazon, because buying things from amazon helps me feel happy. I think I'm finally starting to throw away more packaging trash from ordering things from amazon per week than is arriving from amazon per week. This is progress.

2020-11-04 20:14:36

My beef broth didn't come out delicious. I've done much better, as recently as last month.

2020-11-03 16:02:24

Oh, I forgot. My doctor was surprisingly ok with my idea that I wasn't going to eat solid food for the entire month of November.

2020-11-03 15:57:52

I visited the doctor. I got a flu shot. I voted. I did my voting while wearing a t-shirt that said "Make America Great Again". No one at the polling station said a thing about it. Probably because they can't read "сделай Америку снова великой" and know what it says. I also bought beef necks, beef marrow bones, and some cheap arm roasts, plus ginger and oranges.

2020-11-03 10:44:14

More squirty poop. Possibly with bits of salad in it from Sunday.

2020-11-02 16:59:54

I almost pooped today. More of a squirt.

I keep spending too much money.

2020-10-31 23:48:48

Achivements of the day: ate a salad with vinegar and oil dressing, two apples, and then I pooped.

2020-10-19 23:02:16

Covid-19 positive.

2020-09-23 19:36:26

Today the train crossing went off for at least five hours by my house.

I'm getting better at eating less, even if I can't post about it.

I ordered a really cheap $500 mirror lens! It's going to suck, but should also be fun.

I'm playing more GW2 than WoW lately, but Shadowlands is really tempting.

Darkness used to always jump up onto my shoulder from behind me to rub his face against my face. Now he is jumping up from the front, but that buts if his face near the back of my head if he lands on my shoulder, so instead he is aiming for my chest and simply grabbing on with all of his claws to hold the position.

I'm going to watch Bladerunner 2048 finally. Assuming I can get the player to work.

2020-09-20 12:03:41

I pulled some weeds today. Mostly goatheads. A few were creeping towards my door. The rest of the yard is infested with them, but I deal with that by not riding my bicycle in that part of the yard.

Chuck roast definitely makes a better tasting beef stew than arm roast, no matter how cheap the arm roast is.

2020-09-18 11:56:18

I have a real cough. I'm not sure where I got it. I went to the supermarket on September 12th, wearing a facemask, and avoided people like I normally do.

Apparently it is possible to get sick of rutabaga. I still like beef stew, just maybe without rutabaga in it if I cook more this month.

2020-09-17 11:14:44

My back still hurts, but all up high, and it is getting better. I haven't been out walking, and I really want to be. I'm getting close I think.

I stepped on a plastic pill bottle, which broke, and hurt the bottom of my right foot. That took about a week to resolve before all the swelling went away.

I'm slowly learning to eat less pasta. It sucks. I love pasta. But it is bell pepper season at the local farmer's market finally. I've been learning to eat stir fry without rice! I love rice.

I think my street is divided in trash pickup. Maybe it always has been. But the opposite side of the street seems to happen on Thursday, and my side of the street on Friday. I've searched dilligently online for the trash pickup schedule, but the city doesn't seem to publish it anywhere, and it doesn't come with my bill.

I also need to update this more often, take more pictures, and get the Daily Page moving again.

2020-09-07 07:53:20

Supermart had new york strip steaks on sale for extremely cheap. Cheaper than any of the bad roasts, like the arm roast. It had no visible marbling in it. It was going to be nothing but terrible if eaten as a steak. So I made beef stew with onions, rutabaga, and carrots. I added extra gelatin, bay leaves, whole garlic (most of a head), black pepper and some USDA Organic beef broth that was on sale. It was fantastic. Oh, and a pinch of salt, because the boxed beef broth wasn't quite salty enough for all the food.

2020-09-05 20:59:47

Chicken broth made with equal parts Pilgrem's Pride chicken wings and drumsticks is noticeably inferior to chicken broth made from a single whole USDA Organic chicken. Hopefully the store can get deceng chicken back into stock next week.

2020-09-05 18:48:55

I have a huge improvement in how my back feels. My left arm feels like I lost ground on the strain in though.

2020-09-03 22:59:00

My back still hurts, but up high again, not down low in the old back injur that has had multiple spasms over the years. This is good.

2020-09-01 20:54:51

It has suddenly become chilly at night in Socorro.

I finished reading "All about the Burger: A History of America’s Favorite Sandwich (Burger America & Burger History, for Fans of The Ultimate Burger and The Great American Burger Book)" which has quite a long title. It's a fanboy book about hamburgers, so I can't call it a good book, nor a good history book, but it was fun to read.

My back is in bad shape. The upper back pain transitioned down to my lower back and right leg. A sure sign of impending back spasm, so I'm doing lots of preemptive stretches and core building to avert it this time. I've had too many go all the way and I should have learned long before this.

2020-08-29 23:03:58

I've clearly failed again to keep a log of all the food I eat. I did eat ground beef with fresh tomato on it today. I'm kind of surprised that I'd forgotten how good ground beef is. It's sort of a poverty food, but it works well in a pandemic when I try not to go to the store more than once a month, and then only for prescriptions. Not that I succeed, pandemic fatigue has me going almost weekly at this point.

I fully intended to walk tonight, because my back feels better. But I forgot. Now I'm naked and in bed. So it is too late.

My arm is feeling better as well. My method of trying to heal it is to find any movement I can do without pain, and do that a lot. I've been doing many of them with small weights. I still have pain in lots of motions, but not in as many as I used to.

I should go camping again. Alone, because no one showed up last time.

2020-08-27 09:02:32

A package from the Netherlands arrived! According to the customs declaration, it is a book. I don't remember ordering a book from the Netherlands. Opening the package I find a shipping manifest from Italy. The book I do recognize, I ordered it from Amazon.

2020-08-25 08:14:14

I've been eating lots of choclate since I went to Wal*Mart, but since I carefully only bought one bag, I'll be out soon.

Last night I made a ground beef steak and experimented with seasonings. Garlic powder, salt, and black pepper. It was sort of ok.

2020-08-24 14:54:20

No, responds, but not nor

2020-08-24 14:53:32

It appears that is completely down. At least to me.

2020-08-24 08:25:37

Bacon and eggs! Thawing some cod as well.

My back hurts a lot. High up, betweem the shoulder blades. I think maybe the water carrying plus all the digging for my camping trip are what stressed it. Just muscle-soreness pain, so nothing critical. Still trying to be gentle with it.

Not sure if I have ever talked about my left arm here. I pulled a muscle in it some time ago (on the order of months), and it has been slow in healing. It still hurts, but I can usually lift it over my head now!

2020-08-23 14:07:22

Bacon, eggs, and spinach.

2020-08-23 12:20:41

I still have pains in my back from the walks with the water. I want to do it more, but I'm worried about the back pains.

2020-08-22 21:11:40

I tried to eat some scrambled eggs with spinach and cured pork cheeks (I can't spell it). I failed. I'll probably just throw it away.

2020-08-22 13:17:36

I return from camping a day early. No one showed up except me. The road was rough, and needed some work with a shovel in a couple of places to make it passable. I strung up my tarp over my hammock really well. Perhaps the best tarp hang I've done in decades.

I "ate" a couple of paleo dehydrated meals. One of them I ate all the meat out of and discarded the rest. The meals suggest adding ghee, and I think that might help. They smelled really good, but were unappetizing. I drank some gateraid on the way out.

2020-08-20 15:43:03

My motivation to track my food is waning fast.

Today I had 4 peanut butter cups, some meatloaf, and some muskmelon.

I bet I didn't record any meatloaf yesterday.

Camping soon.

My Subaru had been warning me of low tire pressure. Unrelated I've been having terrible gas mileage. I tested and found all my tires were at or just under 30 psi. My tires are all now at 40 psi. I suspect that my gas mileage will improve some when I drive tomorrow.

2020-08-19 15:14:54

The headlamp I used to evacuate off Timber Peak late last week seemed incredibly dim to me. I could see with it, but not a lot. Today I tested the battery, and it wasn't a lot battery that caused it. I looked the headlamp up online, and discovered (remembered) that this headlamp has a variable brightness setting. It could have been much brighter if I had remembered how to use it. The sad thing is, I only bought it in February, I should have still remembered. It was, however, the headlamps first real usage. Hopdefully I will do better next time.

Camping on Friday appears to be me and two co-workers who are committed to going. Another co-worker, with a wife and two children, might also go. Two other people I asked are definitely not going.

2020-08-19 13:35:21

I ate a chocolate bar, and some almonds, and some meatloaf.

2020-08-18 23:29:11

Almonds with some bad chocolate bar, and meatloaf!

2020-08-18 17:32:38

I ate two little chocolate pies.

I also returned my copies of the Heathers TV show to Apple. It was missing episode 10. When I found it on via google it showed me 10 episodes, but when I bought it I only got 9.

2020-08-18 12:29:50

Doctor visit, after which I had 4 peanut butter cups and a steak!

2020-08-17 20:30:07

I ate some carrots and some chicken broth. 2 cups.

2020-08-17 17:58:06 After the bacon I made hash browns. Today I've also

eaten a bad og lettuce, some cocolate chips, and some pistachios.

2020-08-17 09:07:03

I ate some bacon.

2020-08-17 06:05:19

I didn't sleep.

2020-08-16 21:24:09

Sore enough it is another rest night for me.

2020-08-16 16:44:49

Today I've eaten some chocolate chips, almonds, and two red bell peppers.

One person can't go camping on Friday, and one person wants a backup plan in case the road is impassable. I've never seen the road impassable, but it is possible it could happen. I'm not sure of need for a plan for that eventuality though. We could just camp at the impassability for instance.

2020-08-16 13:24:08

Still sore. Getting older has apparently made the onset of sore come later, and also take longer to resolve. Sore is a good sign though. It means progress! Or something.

2020-08-15 22:02:18

I forgot: the short climb (500ish feet) from my car to where I camped did cause me to feel a little sore in my quads today.

2020-08-15 21:25:42

I just ate 6 ounces of egg noodles (storebought) with beef stew in sour cream with paprika.

Yesterday's camping trip wasn't successful, but I don't want to call it a failure. I knew there could be lightning, I was just not expecting it. The storm did mostly miss, as predicted by the weather service, but I wasn't exepcting the cloud to cloud lightning being directly overhead. It was nice looking down on the storm passing by. The pack out went pretty well. I was under my tarp shelter for all of it except for taking down the tarp shelter. I didn't bother to pack the backpack effeciently, so it was quite full, but still ahd room to close. The route I had hiked up to my camping spot was an exposed ridgeline so I had to improvise my out, but that wasn't terribly hard in the dark. My car flagged a low tire on the drive down, but I saw no evidence of a leak, nor did I see any evidence today, so I think it was just generically low from the cold. It's probably been a long time since I last checked the tires, not really having been driving in long time. My attempts to photograph the swarms of ladybugs didn't go as well as I had hoped.

2020-08-15 13:54:25

Four ears of corn, and two chocolove bars.

Camping in Big Rosa next Friday.

2020-08-15 00:22:41

Upon returning home, I made 300 grams of spaghetti with sauce and sausage and I ate a chocolove bar with no almonds.

2020-08-14 21:48:04

I woke up to thunder and rain. So I rushed out in hail and lighting and came home. The weather mostly missed the area. I could see the ground strikes 40 or 50 miles off in the distance. But cloud to cloud strikes were arcing from horizon to horizon, and I was too close to the clouds.

2020-08-14 14:48:57

I'm packed and ready. My pack without camera, trekking poles, and hat weighs 15kg. It has the water in it. Far too much water. It's light on clothes, because who cares.

2020-08-14 10:40:50

Timber Peak sounds good, except that area is #2 for lightning strikes in the United States, and it is mid August.

2020-08-14 10:34:44

I need to decide where I am camping. I also need to plan gear. I bought the barocook recently because we were in stage 2 fire restrictions until January, unless rescinded early. Since buying the barcook, they were rescinded, so I don't actually need it now. I'll probably still take and use it, I want to see how easy it is to use.

But the question of where remains. The little campground near Copper Trail is simple and easy, but not a great view. It's down in a valley so all I'd see is trees, and all I'd hear is probably vehicle noises. The spur that leads to the old mine has some nice spots, and a view, but I remember that is is dry and exposed and there aren't many trees for a hammock. Sure Woody is high and has lots of trees, but not a great view because it is sure woody in there. Which leaves either a hike out on the South Baldy trail, or perhaps a shorter hike on the Timber Peak trail. I might be able to get away with doens of yards on the Timber Peak trail and be out of sight of my car and with both trees and a view. Lastly I could take the longer walk up Mesa trail, and camp up there. Nice, but not a great view unless I walk extra far.

2020-08-14 10:30:59

I had two more oranges of orange juice, and I ate a peice of cod. It was a little rubbery. Not sure if I'm not cooking it enough, or cooking it too much, or thawing it too quickly. I'm new to cod eating, I only started about a month ago.

2020-08-14 06:42:16

I had orange juice, 2 oranges worth, minus what I spilled, with my broth last night.

2020-08-13 23:34:34

Time for 2 cups of chicken broth with 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

2020-08-13 23:27:25

I should mention I've taken the trash out, changed the kitty litter, and talked to a neighbor down the street that neither he nor I think have every actually talked to each other. He didn't seem to know my name, but I don't know his either!

I plan to go camping tomorrow after work. Somewhere simple, close to the car, just to spend a night out in the woods. I plan to take a book and my new barocook, and probably two sets of meals for it, one for the evening, and one for the morning.

2020-08-13 23:25:41

I am finished with another mile and three-quartersish walk, half at fourteenish pounds, half at 37ish pounds. I'm sweaty now.

2020-08-13 22:34:42

I ate a chocolove bar with lots of almonds while playing WoW.

About to go hike another 3 gallon glass carboy to the Water & Ice Store. I won't bother to GPS it again.

I can hear a mosquito in my room, which means a male, but if a male is in here, then a female probably is too. I clearly shouldn't have left the window without a screen in it open today.

2020-08-13 17:29:29

Making chicken thighs breaded and fried with tomato slices. And of course I going to fry and eat the skins too.

2020-08-13 16:53:19

My Garmin eTrex H now displays the correct date.

2020-08-13 16:37:19

I just noticed paragraphs aren't working correctly. I need to fix that.

2020-08-13 16:29:44

My new usb to serial cable arriveed. Garmin's current software doesn't support serial at all. There does exist a "webupdater" for Windows XP Service Pack 3, which does seem to run on Windows 10. My GPS is updating.

Of course, this old GPS seems pretty terrible now that I own a newer, but not the newest, etrex. When I have some spare money I might just upgrade to the newest version and keep my cheaper but slightly older model as my spare.

2020-08-13 08:32:51

Half a muskmelon and 2 cups of broth.

2020-08-13 00:33:16

I didn't go for a walk or a bike ride. Let's call yesterday a rest day!

2020-08-12 23:52:38

I ate 2 cups of broth with all the remaining "dumplings" I think there were seven of them.

2020-08-12 17:59:21

I had pasta instead of chicken. 200g of it, with sauce and sausages.

2020-08-12 16:36:00

My chicken isn't thawed, so I couldn't make dinner. At least the dinner I wanted. So I ate a chocolove bar and some almonds to compensate.

2020-08-12 10:27:44

Half a muskmelon!

2020-08-12 07:58:29

I did much better on the salt. 1/2 teaspoon for 2 cups.

2020-08-12 07:45:38

Broth and 4 "dumplings" for breakfast.

2020-08-12 06:27:20

I'm starting to wonder if exercise causes nightmares. Normal-person nightmares, not the kind I typically have.

2020-08-11 22:44:05

Aside from the salt, this new chicken broth is fantastic. Just chicken and water, 2:1 ratio of water to chicken. I pressure cooked it for two hours never really letting get it up to high temperature. In theory it never boiled inside the pot, and this broth is very clear and very yellow, so I think it worked out for me.

2020-08-11 22:37:30

I completly forgot that 1.5 teapsoons of salt is too much for 2 cups, it's twice as much as it needs. This tastes salty.

2020-08-11 22:19:17

Cooking up 2 cups of broth with four storebought frozen potstickers as dumplings. I didn't like the potstickers as dumplings the first time I tried them, but I have a whole bag of them, so I might as well try more than once. If it doesn't work out, they do make fabulous potstickers.

2020-08-11 21:50:21

I have returned from a very brief bicycle ride, roughly three miles. Not having done this in a long time, I can already feel new aches and pains in new places that walking didn't touch

2020-08-11 21:17:25

I'm about to go try a leisurely bicycle ride.

2020-08-11 17:29:30

I ate a chocolove bar with almonds. Lots of almonds!

2020-08-11 09:48:24

Oh yes, two nights in a row of a short hike with a glass carboy of water has left me feeling things in my back. I strongly suspect that I'll take some time off today to let it rest up a little.

2020-08-11 09:46:37

My doctor has emailed me to let me know that my CBC looks perfectly normal. No idea why it took so long to stop bleeding yesterday.

I'm about to eat a bunch of beef stew, but without any noodles because I'm too hungry to wait.

2020-08-10 23:19:22

I took 3913 steps by the pedometer. I walked 1.72 miles, at 3.3 miles per hour (moving average) in 31 minutes and 14 seconds by the GPS/GLONASS. I don't know what happened out there, but the cats are fascinated with smelling me upon my return.

I rearranged the menu order on my GPS to more accurately reflect the menus I seem to be using.

2020-08-10 22:30:37

I ate a bowl of pistachios, and now I'm about to walk another 3 gallon water bottle.

2020-08-10 18:20:43

I ate two white corn on the cob, and a chocolove with almonds.

2020-08-10 16:04:37

The doctor went badly, in my eyes. I normally stop bleeding immediately from a blood draw, but today it took several minutes for the blood to abate. After the doctor I made some beef/tomato/sour cream/paprika stew with 6 ounces of egg noodles. Then I ate two little chocolate pies!

2020-08-10 08:09:24

Hungry. Have to go to the doctor though.

2020-08-09 23:16:30

I seem to be about three pounds short on my weight. I'll blame the scale.

2020-08-09 23:09:28

I am home. The backpack weighs 36 pounds and 8 ounces. I took 4246 steps supposedly. I walked 1.74 miles, in 34:23 moving time, and a moving average of 3.0 miles per hour.

2020-08-09 22:22:18

About to walk. The backpack weighs 14 pounds and 4 ounces. My scale, which I've had for decades, doesn't do metric, because no one measures fish in grams.

2020-08-09 16:39:28

Made some mapo dofu. Less than a cup of rice, uncooked.

2020-08-09 11:00:04

I took some diphenhydramine last night. My eyes don't feel itchy today, but I slept early and I slept hard. Good practice for Tuesday I suppose, except I still slept in. The effects are definitely lingering though.

I made a beef and tomato stew overnight. I really shouldn't have, it simmered a bit too long. It didn't get the onions and rutabaga either. I'm sure it is salvagable still. I need to reset the gelatin in the meat by refrigerating it, then I can add the remaining vegetables and recook it real fast. And salt. It needs salt.

2020-08-08 17:10:09

I have enough latent pains to think I'm not going to try hiking a carboy of water tonight.

I am eating a chocolove bar and a big bowl of almonds though!

2020-08-08 13:32:24

I ate "four" ears of corn. Two were under pollinated, and one was short.

2020-08-08 11:11:10

My new chicken broth, a careful 2:1 ratio (by weight) of water to chicken, is tremendously better than my previous chicken broth. I didn't add any vegetables or bay leaves this time. Just pressure cooked it at high pressure for 2 hours. The bones were brittle, so it did a good extraction. The color is wonderful!

I'm eating the last of my old chicken broth as a soup with four potstickers thrown into it like dumplings. I want to see how this tastes. The old chicken broth had bay leaves and red onion and carrots. And leeks I think. It surely had leeks. It has a dark color to it. I remember when it was fresh it almost looked purple from the red onion coloring it.

2020-08-08 09:35:56

I'm eating a pair of Marie Callender's mini chocolate satin pies, because I'm a bad person.

2020-08-08 01:01:53

Can't sleep, eating pistachios.

2020-08-07 23:10:21

My attempts to software patch my Garmin eTrex H have been a failure, but I'm getting closer. Windows doesn't support my usb to saerial cable, and tells me so so I suspect that is reason my mac failed as well, just the mac didn't tell me. The mac also needed a usb to usb c converter, which adds another layer.

I'm eating 2 cups of homemade chicken broth now. 3/4 teaspoon of salt this time.

My back hurts still, but my feet feel better. I'll likely walk tomorrow night.

2020-08-07 17:29:12

I think I'm mostly happy with this. I even made URLs work nicely I think. I only have one URL, so we will have to see what happens in the long run. Perhaps there is hope for making a petrichor page!

I'm cooking 200grams of cut ziti now, to eat with some unknown amount of sauce and sausages.

2020-08-07 17:02:25

Having this as a monolithic page makes it easier to see mistakes, and loose ends. One loose end, from February, was my Princeton Tec Corona 8 LED Headlamp. Princeton Tec honored the warranty, and mailed me the part to fix it! I really like that headlamp, and I was quite glad to get it fixed.

2020-08-07 17:00:12

Tonight I had planned to pack up a 3 gallon glass carboy and see just how hard it was to hike that to the Water And Ice Store to fill it up and hike it back. It needs to wait now.

2020-08-07 16:32:49

This is now a single monolithic page, and not a daily page type of page. We will see if I like it more this way.

2020-08-07 15:53:29

Eating a Chocolove bar and a bunch of almonds! Cooking sausages to make pasta sauce.

2020-08-07 15:01:32

My extra long walk last night was definietly too soon. My feet hurt in ways they haven't hurt in a long time. There was one time I went on a surprise hike from Water Canyon campground to the top of Strawberry Peak down to Socorro. That hurt a lot. This is a lot like that. No walking for a day or two. And it wasn't even that long of a walk last night.

2020-08-07 10:48:54

Eating some muskmelon.

2020-08-07 03:44:56

Eating(?) 2 cups of homemade chicken broth. A pinch more than 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

2020-08-07 01:08:31

I almost forgot, 9348 steps.

2020-08-07 00:25:44

I am home. Trip odometer is 4.18 miles, max speed is 5.1 (another glitch I'm sure), moving average is 2.9 (it was higher at the start, but I did get tired and sore), moving time 1.25 hours. I did deliver my box to the FedEx box, which at the far end of town.

2020-08-06 22:53:42

About 19:15 I ate a chocolove bar with a lot of almonds. About to go on a walk. A really long walk, to the FedEx box. The furthest I've walked in years.

2020-08-06 16:58:43

I just ate three chicken skins off of three thighs. I'm cooking up the meat with a smalo onion and a red bell pepper and oyster flavored sauce. I marinated tghe mat in a tiny bit of soy sauce and xiao sing. I'll probably add some black pepper too.

2020-08-06 14:12:27

I should keep track of my excessive eating.

Right now I'm eating half of a muskmelon, and 2 cups of homemade chicken broth. I put rough 1/2 teaspoon of salt into it. I think it's a good amount.

2020-08-05 23:44:09

It appears I went about 2.67 miles. Not far at all.

2020-08-05 22:57:36

I walked. Down to that street with La Pasadita on it, over up, back to the p laza, the south and the jog to the old KOA with the two side trips.

I didn't reset the trip, so it combines with yesterday. I'll hand edit the gpx file and repost in a little while.

4.93 miles, 1 hour 34 minutes moving time, 3.1 miles per hour mov ing average, sunrise in 7 hours and 21 minutes.

2020-08-05 21:51:11

I haven't been wearing clothes much, so I don't have the pedometer on much. Not that I'm walking around my house much either.

2020-08-04 23:55:16

I spent a lot of time leading up this new GPS, and too much time after I got the GPS, trying to find out how to read the data off of it. There doesn't seem to be a current python port for accessing it, and the gpsbabel didn't seem to work for me. Then I typed dmesg, and saw that the GPS exposed two filesystems. So, mount, cd, ls, more, and there it all was. A huge improvement over the last time I tried to download a gps via a garmin-to-serial cable plugged into a serial-to-usb cable plugged into a FreeBSD box.

The old website I used to use is still there. Google has made it harder to use, but it still works. It took me a while to figure out what I liked in all the menus last time, and I'm sure it will again. I should probably donate to him.

The tracklog showed some weird diversions that I didn't actually make. Those could be the source of the 14.4 mile per hour max speed which I definitely didn't do on foot.

2020-08-04 23:04:00

Just took a walk. Same route as last walk, but it took 4967 steps instead of 5887 steps. I doubt I walked better, so it is probably uncertainty in the pedometer.

I used my new Garmin eTrex 30x GPS/GLONASS. It said 2.22 miles, with a max speed of 14.4 miles per hour, a moving average of 3.2 miles per hour, and 41.36 minutes for the trip. Sunrise is in 7 hours and 13 minutes.

I shall have to see if I can find a way to download the trip data.

2020-08-03 22:17:12

No walk tonight. Tired and sore from doing roofing. I'm sure that counts as exercise.

2020-02-27 16:14:49

I need to remember this more often.

Today I learned what "TikTok" is.

I've also threatened to kidnap not one, but two flocks/herds of chickens (plus a dog and a couple of cats).

2020-02-17 12:16:03

Notable things I did today include going to a building filled with wet open holes waiting to be filled, and I dumped my dirty load into one of them in excahnge for money. $4.50. That seems, expensive, compared to the cost of just buying one to keep at home and have for deacades. Unfortunately the one I have at home only has an upward facing wet hole, and I needed a horizontal facing wet hole for my dirty load.

2020-02-16 18:33:34

My Princeton Tec Corona 8 LED Headlamp, which I purchased June 14 in 2009 for $43.47, has failed. It seems unrepairable, though I could probably use a little tape to hold it together. It still works just fine.

2020-02-16 13:28:27

I walked almost 2 and a half miles today. The most since the foot thing in October. I'm very beat.

2020-02-09 23:44:23

I'm trying to only post positive happy things here, and not let this be a secret pit of despair like it was.

2020-02-03 19:28:35

Today is day 18081. I finally got my camera back from Canon after two repairs, one I paid for, the other free because they didn't fix it.

2020-01-31 21:31:53

SCA a d ruygby tomorrow. Sometime after the hard drive crash of 2013, but not long after, I lost about 100 more images of someone. Kind of sad. The index inages still exist, but the raw and jpg images are all gone.

The latest version of macos has abandoned emacs,and is abandoning bash. Mac is starting to lost its "not quite as a terrible" edge that was holding over Windows.

At at the Buckhorn today. It was still good.

2020-01-30 07:17:37

On Monday, when I left for work about 06:00 it was still very dark. This morning it seems quite light outside when I got up at 06:00.

2020-01-26 12:26:14

It feels like winter is over. My cats aren't shedding though, so more cold must still be coming.

2020-01-24 18:06:42

I don't think I mentioned yesterays huge accomplishment. Recently I had bought three avocados. Yesterday, after having waited for them to riped but before they rotter, I ate them. This is the first time I've managed to eat a ripe avocado that wasn't rotting that I had purchased myself.x

2020-01-22 22:30:18

I had another frustrating phone call with Canon. Depite being told repeatedly that they could ship my camera back to me via a carrier that would deliver it, they still shipped it FedEx, and then told me I had to deal with the problem. Ultimately, when I complained that I am not a charity dedicating my time and money to delivering packages for them, they finally said they would, "as a courtesy" ship it to me via UPS so that it can be delivered to me.

2020-01-21 13:05:32

I found a weird comedian on youtube. From there I was led to the song Bad Guy by Billie Eilish. When I watch that video, I see a story of a girl who is beaten to give blowjobs, and ultimately murders the man. I appear to be unique in this view.

2020-01-20 15:42:00

I cooked aji chicken today, sort of. My own recipe, because none of the Columbian recipes I found held any interest for me.

2020-01-19 20:17:48

I think I have all my data copied from old disks to new disks. Now I'm making final backups of the old disks for long term storage. Very exciting.

2020-01-18 19:03:52

I don't feel like playing video games. This is a weird feeling to me.

2020-01-17 13:51:35

Since it is a new year, I just dug into licensing fees for upgrading some software, specifically PTGui and Photomatix. All told, it came to $29 for me. Which I'm quite happy about. I don't do Photoshop anymore and I'm trying to learn to live with Affinity Photo, and that hasn't made me pay anything in quite a while, which is also quite joyful.

2020-01-17 12:47:37

Lunch at La Pasadita today. Still trying to slowly and carefully transition my server to 16T disks from the old disks which are probably more than ten years old for the oldest ones. They could be as old as fifteen years.


I kind of want to do this again, but for public consumption. And so I shall I guess. We can see how well I do at it.