Schlake's Food: 2020-11-09

It is eaten. Finally.

I now have 7.31 pounds of "wingettes" since chicken wings aren't available for sale in either of the supermarkets here. $26.25 for that much defective wings. I've put two stainless steel strainers into the pressure cooker, so the chicken won't touch the bottom. I need to add 14.62 pounds of water. I don't think I've ever made broth with just wings/wingettes. I have done only chicken feet. Chicken feet make a great broth for cooking with, but it's a bit dank for sipping. I first described broth as dank when I made broth from a single cow femur. It was good broth, but not for sipping. I think dank is a good word for some of these experiments. I'm also going to try a shorter cook. I've been tending to do 2 hours, just to make sure, but that might be a bit much. Let's see how a single hour goes.

The two strainers made it too tall. I replaced one of them with some stainless steel chopsticks. I also ended up putting in 18 pounds of water, so I could have had more chicken. It is coming up to pressure now.

Also, I think they are technically steaming trays, not strainers.

It is under pressure and counting down.

The flavor is very good. The cleanup is a lot easier. The gelatin extraction was poor, so more than hour is needed. Not much schmaltz, not much color. I got about 9 quarts of broth out (the level is between 8 and 10 on the pot).

I have twenty pounds of USDA Organic chicken wings (real wings) on the way. That will have to be a new experiment. I suspect that in the end I'll be doing one whole chicken plus an equal part of wings.