Schlake's Food: 2020-11-04

My pho-like beef broth is not nearly as gleatinous as my last chicken broth (which wasn't gelatinous enough), but I can tell it has gelatin in it. I didn't decant it into a pan with volume markings, but I probably got close to two gallons again, plus a close to a pint of pho-like tallow.

Sadly, this broth is not delicous. It is sippable, but not nearly as good as I would like it to be. I know I have made better pho broth in the past.

I had planned to recreate a recent batch of beef broth with rutabage and leeks, but there were no leeks to be had, which is why I ended up mimicing pho.

Actually, it's almost not sippable. It has some bitter undertones as I consume an 18 ounce bowl of it. Something I was worried about having the spices in during the pressure cook, as pressure cooking can turn aromatics bitter.

Hopefully I can drink the entire pot. It would be a shame to waste it.

The internet tells me that maybe my broth is bitter because I pressure cooked the lipase and it broke down. Perhaps less cooking time next time.

Adding less salt to a bowl does help.

Definitely less salt. It was a big pot and 2T of fish sauce didn't seem like a lot, but maybe it was. It's still not delicious, just passable. Which is disappointing.