Schlake's Food: 2015-04-05

I tried out my new Italian flour today with a tiny loaf made from 150g of flour. This is the flour with the salt and yeast added as well.


I also tried cooking some of my Italian sausage in my seldom used grill pan.


After tasting some of the loose filling (from a burst link) I decided that my sausage was entirely too flavorful. It was just flavors. It kind of reminded me of eating African food when a student from Africa makes it, or Chinese food when a student from China makes it. My sauage, as well as the foreign student's food, are nothing like the boring/bland food I'm used to. I like the Italian sausage I can get at the store, but after tasting this, I realize that the sausage I get at the store barely tastes like anything at all. I decided, however, to try and mellow my sauage out by adding it to my marinara sauce. I also hoped this might make my sausage seem less dry. I think I used too much meat and not enough fat.


A loaf made from 150g of flour will not even begin to fill a bread pan. But that's fine. I just want to taste it.


My sausage, in sauce, on top of ziti.


My bread managed to eventually fill the bottom of the loaf pan, but there wasn't enough there to rise up. This end is particularly bad looking. The middle of the load looked more normal.


Warm bread melts butter!