Schlake's Daily Page: 2016-12-30

The trouble started when I tried to drive up the road where my Saturn died. The embankment was mostly mud, and down my car went. My attempts to extricate myself led me to this.


Here is a back view. I only went down about three feet, but it was all mud.


Ramps were made. But it was too much mud, and the car wasn't level, so things kept sliding further down into the ravine.


I had a promising escape, until I hit this rock in reverse. The boulder at the front of the car kept from swinging around it.


I did manage to get this rock out from underneath my car, so the front wheels were able to reach the ground.


Eventually, I gave up on backing out, and figured I'd try veering to the right and half climb up the side as I tried to manuver past the boulder in front of me.


And I got halfway past that bounder before I slide sideways. Into the boulder.


There was a nice moon for the walk out to civilization. Nice to look at I mean, it did nothing to help me see.