Schlake's Daily Page: 2013-01-24

The daily page is finally working again. More correctly, the computer that generates the daily page is finally working again. As much as I hate linux and like FreeBSD, I have to admit that the linux people can figure out how to upgrade a software package without breaking everything, and the FreeBSD people can't. As a result I have gotten good at poking a dead FreeBSD box back to life. Things I've learned from trying to recover from a failed port upgrade: 1) Make sure your shell is still installed and runs. 2) Don't try to fix anything with your PATH set to something other than /bin:/usr/bin. 3) Delete all the packages and just start over. 4) You'll also need to manually rm -rf almost everything in /usr/local/ or you won't be able to successfully reinstall things. 5) Remember -DBATCH or else the rebuild will constantly hang up waiting for user input. 6) I don't use X, I probably shouldn't compile everything with X support. 7) I only use English, I probably don't need internationalization support. 8) Expect to have a crippled computer for a day or two.
An error in 2010-01-24 has been corrected.

The wall is being fixed.


It turns out it is hard to find a 12mm allen wrench. to the rescue. Now I can reattach one side of my olympic bar, which is even safer than having a cowbell on it.


I also made some tonemapped composites, which you can view here.

Why, yes, that is three steaks in a bowl covered in a morel-cream sauce. Because I'm an American.

I had had plans to cook something far more special. And for more than just me. But I'm a terrible person.