Schlake's Daily Page: 2013-01-11

The likelyhood that I'll need to look up three definitions at the same time during a power failure is pretty low. These can go.


I came across my lifetime membership card to the NMIMT Alumni Association.



But that URL on back looks weird.

Visiting it, I find:

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So, it exists...

Back in the mid to late 1980s the Society For Creative Anachronism subjected me to a 500 Question Omnisexual Purity Test. A few years later, in 1989, I made The Schlake Test. I was very immature when I made this. It was a long time ago. I was still a year and a half away from even kissing a girl, I'd never seen one naked in person.

The Schlake Test Version 2/3 comma III

Section Schlake

1. Are you Schlake?
2. Do you know Schlake?
3. Do you know someone who knows Schlake?
4. Do you know someone who does not know Schlake?
5. Do you know what Schlake means?
6. Can you spell it correctly?
7. Do you know who Schlake is?
8. Do you know what Schlake's favorite bodily function is?
9. Have you ever been Schlake in a previous life?
10. Did you meet Schlake in a previous life?
11. Did you take pictures?
12. Nude?
13. Have you ever slept with Schlake?
14. Were you injured?
15. Did you require psychiatric care?
16. Is Schlake on drugs?
17. Should he be?
18. Is being with Schlake better than taking drugs?
19. Have you ever been with Schlake and taken drugs?
20. Have you ever tipped a light post with Schlake?


21. Do you play in a sandbox?
22. Do you play fair?
23. Do you hit people?
24. Do you make strange faces?
25. Do you always wash your hands before you piss?
26. Do you flush?
27. Twice?
28. Do you hold someones hand when you cross the street?
29. Do you hold your own hand when you cross the street?
30. Do you always cross in the crosswalk except on alt. Tuesdays?
31. Do you always cross in the crosswalk except on bilateral Wednesdays?
32. Have you ever stolen pieces of paper off someone's wall?
33. Are you Napolean?
34. Are you the center of the universe?
35. Are you not the center of a banana?
36. Have you ever slept with a banana?
37. Have you ever played more than sqrt( 121 ) role playing games?
38. Has Schlake ever given you a teddy bear?
39. Did he shoot with with a 7.62mm rifle?
40. Has Schlake ever worn your underwear on your head.
41. Has Schlake ever hit you with a plastic baseball bat?
42. Have you ever chased Schlake with an axe?
43. Have you ever been in Schlake's room?
44. Was it traumatic?
45. HAve you ever stolen something with Schlake?
46. Are you a reptile?
47. Do you believe the earth is a snake?
48. Is there fuzz on your tongue?
49. Has Schlake ever duct-taped you?
50. Do you know why?
51. Do you know Schlake's favorite holiday?
52. Are you confused?
53. Are you sure?
54. Do you know what Brad said at 5:25am 17 November 89?
55. Do you think Schlake knows?
56. Have you ever played Bouncy?
57. Was it by choice?
58. Were you injured?
59. Have you?
60. Are you sure?
61. Would you swear to that?
62. Are you a pygmy?
63. Can you breathe in stereo?
64. Are you over the legal age of consent in Alaska?
65. Does Schlake play with your toys?
66. Does Schlake play with your?
67. Are you still anatomically correct?
68. Has Schlake ever saved something of yours?
69. Have you ever knelt on the ground and worshiped Schlake?
70. Has he ever worshiped you?
71. Have you ever been placed in a giant green bag?
72. Have you wanted to be?
73. Have your car windows been painted green?
74. Have you ever been painted green?
75. Willingly?
76. Do you smile a lot?
77. Have you ever had your underwear pulled up to your shoulders?
78. Do you think Schlake is strange?
79. Very strange?
80. Did you forget?
81. Have you ever wargammed with Schlake?
82. Have you ever pillow fought with Schlake?
83. Would the world be a better place with Schlake?
84. Do you think Schlake should be castrated?
85. Have you ever molested Eric Heatwole?
86. Will you help Schalke molest Eric Heatwole?
87. Are you green?
88. Have you ever answered yes to question 433 of the Purity Test?
89. Did you have to look it up to answer the previous question?
90. Does this test arouse you?
91. Are you blonde?
92. Is all of you blonde?
93. Did it hurt dyeing alll of your hair blonde?
94. Do you know what "Brian Sullivan's" natural hair color is?
95. Are you proud?
96. Have you ever held a lighter to Noah's Butlers crotch?
97. Do you care whether people use their hand?
98. Do you spin dinosaurs on a noose?
99. Can you count?
100. Are you the end product of an orgasmic secretion?

An old slide. Probably taken by Ernest Mikami.


One heavy trailer filled with cookbooks.