Schlake's Daily Page: 2012-12-31

I finished eating the results of December 22nd last night. I was too lazy to make the entire recipe into dumplings, so much of it became meatloaf topped with homemade chile sauce, which is just homemade ketchup spiked with chile.

Looking back through previous years, I see that in 2010 I had a new years party to go to, and I went! In 2003 someone came by my house to watch movies with me, and his two wolves scared my cat half to death. I don't have any digital pictures, but In 1999 I was at a house in Maryland for a party and played Age Of Empires. And after that, I think there was a New Years party to go to every year back to 1989. And 1989 was the year I almost got a New Years kiss. Sheila and Nikki were trying to find the best kisser, and were taking the guys one a time into a room to try them out. I was scared, so I hid behind a curtain and they didn't find me. And, as it turns out, I passed up the only opportunity of my life to kiss a girl on New Years eve, as tonight will be my 42nd NYE without a kiss.

Since there are no parties to go to I think I'll watch Total Recall, and Total Recall and hope maybe one of my cats will want to sit with me.

The excitment begins.


First notable thought: why are the walls in this place made of theramrest sleeping pads?

A Red pill!

And Sharon Stone kicks Arnold in the balls a lot.

Ok, that movie was pretty good up until the end. The end was terrible. How on earth could anyone ruin a movie that badly?

Next up, Total Recall.

They built a tunnel from Britain to Australia?

Sharon Stone kicked Arnold in the balls a lot in the last movie. In this new movie the Sharon Stone replacement his the Arnold replacement with her own crotch. It was kind of epic.

I like the homage to the original. But I specially like the elevators. Lots of movies have people running through tunnels with random death popping out. But the elevator complex was legitimate!

Much better than the original. The original was good right up until the end. Then it was so stupid it lost all its goodness.

I timed it wrong though. The credits were rolling about 13 minutes from midnight.