Schlake's Daily Page: 2010-03-13

Althought I have already taken a picture today, I'm more interrested in reposting old pictures. First, an interesting statistic: I haven't taken a picture on March 13th since 2005.
But my pictures from 2002 are more interesting. On that day, a load was being hualed through town by some of strange trailer. It had three semi-tractors hooked up to it, and two of them had huge block of cement strapped to them. It had drivers in on the trailer itself, and I seem to remember I counted 260 wheels total on it.


This is also the day I bought my kitchen range, replacing the avacado green stove from my childhood. I only took this picture though, not a picture of the $1200 tray of chicken legs I made (I counted the cost of the range in the total for the meal because I had to buy the range to be able to cook them).