Schlake's Daily Page: 2009-05-26

I need to write more here.
I noticed today that the TCC installed a robots.txt to prevent one of my links from being crawled. I had wondered why it didn't get crawled. Now I know.
We start today with the Mormon Church's new underwater horseshoe pit.


See that thing on the trailer being pulled by the white truck? It's on a rail so it slides. The truck just came to a stop, and so the big grey thing slid from the bottom of the rail to the top and slammed into the stop. When the truck goes, the big grey thing will slide back down the rail into the other stop. Personally, I would have tied the sliding thing down so as to avoid all the crashing.


Food. While eating food I divided my time between watching Good Eats and watching Isis's breasts. This is odd, because Isis has a nice neck, but Heather is the one the with the good breasts. Heathers were trying desperately to burst the buttons on her shirt, but for some reason they just didn't compare. Sadly, all you get is pictures of the food.