Schlake's Daily Page: 2009-02-07

So today I had several things to do. I needed to buy some things at Whole Foods. I needed to buy some things at Pet Smart. I needed to attend a "Happy Baby" party. I went to Whole Foods. I went to Pet Smart. I was about two blocks from the Happy Baby party when my day went wrong. The stoplight at Eubank and Menaul was red. I was on Eubank, headed South. I pulled up behind a car filled with children. Four of them, with a woman driving. I was caught completely off guard when I suddenly lurched forward and rammed into the back of her car. I was concerned that my clutch and/or brakes had failed. Then I lurched into her car again. About this time I realized I was being hit from behind as I lurched into her car again. Then the guy backed off. I started to get out of my car, and he backed up and turned off down a side street and was gone. The lady in front of me seemed to have minimal damage. I lost the grill on the front of my car because my bumper went under her bumper. My rear pumper had impressions on it from the impact, and some white paint from the other guys vehicle, but wasn't outwardly damaged in any visible way. Yay for plastic bumpers?