Schlake's Daily Page: 2008-08-12

The SA is trying something new to encourage participation from students.

At this meeting, a new point system will be introduced and trialed this
semester. These points will be tallied and used to distribute  club
funding next semster.  The points will be something like the following:

Points Event 1/member SA Meeting (up to 5 volunteers) 35 Campus Wide Event (participation >60 people) 20 Campus Wide Event(participation >30 people) 10 Campus Wide Event(participation >20 people) 20 Events during SciFi convention 5/member SAB Volunteer 15/officer Leadership Workshop 10 Paydirt Article

Also, every 20 dollars fund raised is a point. To keep track of points, a sign in sheet for SA Meeting, SAB Volunteer, Leadership Workshop. Presidential or Vice-presidential approval for Campus Wide Events. Paydirt Approval for Articles. Ideally a club would average at a 100 points.

The old Daily Page is still remembered here.

Cloned trees growing in Holland!

The First State Bank sign is gone.


The roof on Yellow Front is gone, and the parking lot is filled with dirt.


The parking lot at the Mormon church is gone.


Having had many hours to think about the new SA plan, I'm of two minds. On one hand, they are trying to do something, and on the other hand it seems doomed to failure. There is a wide gap between the students who care about student government, and the students who want the student government to give them money. There are very few in the first camp, but their optimism that they can make a difference is admirable. Back in my day, the SA was trying to recover $40,000 of "missing" (the word really should be stolen) money, trying to keep random people from telling a business that they were with the SA and then charging things to us, and trying to get clubs to go through formal procedures to get money from the SA instead of having the business office debit the SA for whatever the club or individual wanted. I don't think the SA will get anywhere with this idea, but I hope they keep trying. When I came to the school the SA was a viable instrument of government. It would be nice if they had that chance again. It needs be a grassroots effort though, from the bottom and not the top.



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While I was at the Farmer's Market, I spotted something famililar. A camera. A Nikon. A swivel body. A red piece of grip. It was a Nikon 950, just like I had used when I started the Daily Page in 2000.


Not much cleavage.