Schlake's Daily Page: 2008-08-10

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I learned that on Wednesday, the owners of Saturn Of Albuquerque, Galles Chevrolet, had fired all the management. Every one of them had been with the company since the dealership opened 18 years ago. Now the management from Galles Chevrolet is spending half time at Saturn Of Albuquerque.

For my evening meal, I contacted people interested in food. The message I sent read as follows.

Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2008 12:22:16 -0600
From: "William D. Colburn (Schlake)" 
Subject: Lin-Liu Jen's Mother's Steamed Pork Patty

I had a lot of time to read this weekend, and I read from a book by Lin-Liu Jen called Serve The People. Early in the book she discusses how, as a Chinese-American, she was ashamed of her mother's cooking because it smelled funny and could drive away her Californian friends. She preferred McDonalds and Taco Bell over her parents choices of restaurants which brought out a live fish to the table for approval. By college she had outgrown that and embraced her ethnic culinary heritage, and on the page before her remembrance of her first Drunken Shrimp ( live shrimp which are tossed in a bowl with rice wine and eaten alive) she gives a recipe for something her mother made; Steamed Pork Patty.

This is not a meal; just a tasting. I shall strive for 18:00 this evening. Please let me know if you are coming, as it will determine how much rice I cook.

The book topped with the soy sauce, rice wine,and rice wine vinegar. There is some vegan sugar in the background as well.


The meat, pork, with almost all visible fat trimmed, is ready to be pulsed in the food processor.


This is what it looked like outside, just after the power failed.


This what someone looks like when they try out a pull-up bar.


The meal is cooked. It doesn't look appetizing.


It looks less appetizing the more complete it becomes.


He didn't die from eating it, so it must have been ok.