Schlake's Daily Page: 2008-08-07

In addition to needing to fix RSS, I need to make a mobile-friendly version of this page. Sigh. So much work. At least I have it creating a static page now, instead of using cgi to generate it from data files on the web server. I have most of the framework laid for breaking it up into weeks. I just need to get that done, but it is after midnight now.

Well, I'm awake and showered now. If is being friendly. I think I figured out what I will do for the mobile version of the daily page. I don't want to create my own daily-page-meta-language, so I'm going to rely on self-disipline to always create pages that easily fold into a mobile version. Since I'm not a hostile user of my own software I can save time and not validate my input!

Before setting out to ABQ, I upgraded the firmware on my camera.


Since it was raining, I happened to remember that my mindshield wipers were a little over three years old. After they were purchased and installed, it had stopped raining.


Ever since the bridge incident, my car had unhappy lights on.


Rebar grows better when it has a watering system.


For our evening meal, we ate at Rasoi. It is in the Brocklight district just off Central on Yale. The food came out in tinner copper pots on copper stands with candles burning under them. Through a window into kitchen I saw the tandoori chicken being pulled out of a charcoal fired tandoor. The bill came in a copper scroll tube.